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Many small businesses need a car. It’s also advantageous for a small business person to be able to deduct expenses associated with a car used for business. This can help reduce the taxable income of the small business.

Since in reality, the credit worthiness of a small business is the same as the credit of its owner, most lenders and dealers prefer to make the loan for a car, even if it’s going to be used for business purposes, to an individual. This isn’t a problem. The car can still be used for the needs of the business and those expenses associated with the car deducted as business expenses. This is only for a real business and should not be viewed as a tax strategy by an individual who does not have a business. A car or truck is often needed to perform your business responsibilities and to give your business the right image. It let’s your customers know who you are and that you want to do business with them.

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